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One of the most rewarding aspects of being a designer is seeing a client catch that spark of excitement as we work together. Good design is alchemy, elevating well-crafted text and imagery into something more than their individual elements. When it all comes together, it can feel like magic.

Having designed across the globe from New York to New Zealand to Seattle, I have honed a sensitivity for working with many different styles of communication. Good design comes from asking clients smart questions, generating productive conversation, and stretching a concept until it sings.

I bring to my work a love of words and images, a sense of focused play. The best solution may incorporate many approaches, but it will always be sensitive to its audience and faithful to the core brief.

Keeli is thoughtful in her design solutions. She provides us with what we ask for and then goes beyond to build on our initial concepts. As can often be the case in creative industries, we’ve found ourselves in situations where we had tight deadlines and lots of work left to do. Keeli has always been willing to jump right in and get it done on time.

Maria Corrales
Klutz Press

Keeli McCarthy always shares her intelligence and sense of humor in her work. Her work inspires and lifts the spirit.

Ree Varcoe
Social Angels