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Wise Group Request for Proposal

Standing out from the crowd in the healthcare industry

The Wise Group is a New Zealand organization whose work includes health and wellbeing services, education and training, workforce development and research, housing support, and employment services. This group’s work in the community has transformed countless lives and created pathways for people who experience mental illness to live full lives.

When the Wise Group needed to submit a request for proposal, they knew the document would need to reflect the progressive, and forward-thinking nature of their work in the healthcare sector. Most requests for proposal are submitted as a Word document, but we set out to create something much more lively.

Working alongside the governance board and the comms team, we developed a system of dots which acted like tabs to lead the reader through the A3 sheets. An icon set and other infographics rounded out the design and added visual interest. The result is a document that makes this complex information friendly and easy-to-navigate. It truly stood out from the crowd.

My Role
Infographic design

Software Used
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator