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Sparring with Gil Kane

Creating elegance through a limited color palette

Sparring with Gill Kane: Debating The History and Aesthetics of Comics collects interviews with one of the masters of Silver Age comics. Kane was a fascinating raconteur and a formidable analyst and theorist of the art form, and this collection vividly documents an emergent school of criticism founded on a passion for comics.

I wanted to create a cover that reflected the gravity of the art criticism withi with a nod to the ‘60s, the period Kane was most active as a practitioner. Rather than using a straight CMYK palette, I chose 4 Pantone inks, including a dusky sage ink with a subtle metallic sheen. These colors paired with a layout aligned on a tilted grid speak to the sophistication and cool mastery of the artform Gil Kane was known for.
(To see more of my book covers—and pretend it’s 2010—head over to my super sweet Tumblr here and check out almost every cover I’ve ever designed.)

My Role
Cover design
Interior design

Software Used
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator